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March 26, 2015 Alex Anderson Spiritual

The In Between

That's my favorite scene from this year's Easter video. I would totally recommend the whole thing, but this scene really spoke out to me.

Just a few moments before this, with the caption of "During the bad," it showed an elderly man lying on his death bed, a person next to him with downturned head. That hit close to home for me. My father is currently in a struggle with cancer and has been for the past 10 years. It's more aggressive now than ever, and I don't know how long I will have him. Naturally, when I saw that scene, in my mind I saw my father.

To then jump from that to "The In-Between," where a girl finds solace in her tub of expensive ice cream. I laughed out loud when I saw it! Comedy is all about timing and surprises, and this one totally shocked me. After such a heavy scene (especially for me), this light-hearted pity party was totally hysterical. What caused her to be in such great duress to the point that she felt perfectly fine downing two pints of ice cream single-handedly? Was school too much for her? She's dressed up nice - maybe she just got back from a bad job interview. Or perhaps her date for the evening stood her up. Regardless, here she is munching away at her sugary treat with the intent that it will make her feel better.

I thought to myself "This is so high school-like. That ice cream isn't going to solve anything (although, truth be told, I've downed my fair share in desperation). Whatever problem she's going through is totally temporary - she'll forget about it in a week." And then I came back to myself, thinking of my dad and "The Bad" times. But as I pondered, my own words came back to me: "It's totally temporary." And it is.

Yeah, it's not "I'll get over it in a week" kind of temporary - the thought of my dad passing hurts now, and it's going to hurt even worse when he's gone. It could hurt for the rest of my life. But it's still temporary. Death is temporary. Resurrection is real. Families are forever. Because of Him.

The video ends with a captioned montage: "He is here. No matter who you are or who you were, He is here. No exceptions. No lost causes. At all times, in all places. He is here."

"He rose on the third day. He lives today. Find Him."



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