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April 18, 2014 Alex Anderson Spiritual

You might have seen this before. You might be among the three million people who have seen it. You might have been touched by it. You might have been moved by it. You might have even been one of those that shared it through social media or word of mouth, hoping that it might bring a smile or tear to their face. Have you recently considered the Tender Mercies? You know, things like watching the sunrise, unexpectedly spending quality time with loved ones, those times when things just work out inexplicably, that shoulder to cry on when things don't work out so well. How about that constant guidance? You know, those times when you cannot see the end from the beginning, but you still manage to go the right direction and make it despite yourself. And those incredible mentors that seem to innately know how to help, what to say, what to do? (As a side note, here's an interesting experiment: Do you have a mentor? Ask that mentor some time "Who you do you consider to be your mentor?") There is a plan. There is hope. There can be love forever. All because of Him.

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Alex Anderson is a husband, React web developer, Latter-day Saint, amateur rock climber, hobby chef, and spaceship enthusiast. He enjoys learning new things, teaching inspiring things, building cool things, and doing fun things.
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