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Called to serve?

February 22, 2014 Alex Anderson Spiritual

In the church, there are a couple of supposedly unwritten rules, such as never turning down a call or never specifically requesting a release. Well, I just found one place where that counsel comes from: Honoring the priesthood also means to honor your personal call to serve. A few do’s and don’ts may be helpful:

  • Do learn to take counsel. Seek direction from file leaders and receive it willingly.
  • Don’t speak ill of Church leaders.
  • Don’t covet a calling or position.
  • Don’t second-guess who should or should not have been called.
  • Don’t refuse an opportunity to serve.
  • Don’t resign from a call.
  • Do inform leaders of changing circumstances in your life, knowing that leaders will weigh all factors when prayerfully considering the proper timing of your release. (Honoring the Priesthood, Russel M. Nelson, April 1993)


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Alex Anderson is a husband, React web developer, Latter-day Saint, amateur rock climber, hobby chef, and spaceship enthusiast. He enjoys learning new things, teaching inspiring things, building cool things, and doing fun things.
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