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June 20, 2015 Alex Anderson Spiritual

This video gets me every time. I can't watch it without being filled to the brim with awe, inspiration, anticipation, excitement and joy. It shows, succinctly, two facets of my eternal identity:

  1. I am a son of an eternal God, a Man who prefers to be called Father. His greatest joy and His greatest purpose and His greatest fulfillment comes, in part, through me. His care and consideration for me is always apparent. The sacrifices which He has made and which He continues to make leave me breathless, especially the sacrifice of His Beloved Son. I know He is constantly listening to me and answers my prayers. His direction for my life is not always what I would choose for myself, but every time, without fail, when I follow His plan in faith, I find that it is always the right path. He loves me, and I love Him.
  2. As a son of a God, I have divine potential to be a father, both in this life and in the life to come. I see my future self in the man in the video - providing for a family, both in physical needs through hard honest work and in spiritual needs through constant prayer and study; guiding and directing my family in partnership with both a righteous daughter of God and God himself; making a difference in the lives of my children by supporting their righteous desires and, let's be honest, getting a little rowdy sometimes. I'm looking forward to all of that. Happy Father's Day.


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Alex Anderson is a husband, React web developer, Latter-day Saint, amateur rock climber, hobby chef, and spaceship enthusiast. He enjoys learning new things, teaching inspiring things, building cool things, and doing fun things.
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