Alex Anderson


August 06, 2014 Alex Anderson Thoughts

Ninja code of ethics

  1. Use the art to obtain information to gain an advantage
  2. Use the art to survive - to survive is a natural instinct - it can be seen everywhere in biological life
  3. The Ninja should always strive for righteousness through acts of justice and reflect on betterment of his/her soul for his/her teacher and his/her parents
  4. Always use deception, confusion, spying, stealth and investigation when planning an effective strategy
  5. You must use secrecy, its a matter of life and death
  6. A Ninja must not kill, hurt or steal for personal profit or pleasure
  7. Fitness must be maintained at an optimal level. Downtime is training time.
  8. Arts should be enthusiastically pursued so to form a balanced, enlightened mind.
  9. The Ninja is expected to train intensively in all areas of the art Truly, these are words to live by. Cheers!
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